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Commercial Real Estate – Development and Administration

Real estate dealings can be tremendously complicated. At CDA, we have over 30 years of experience dealing with buyers and sellers, tenants, developers as well as institutional lenders. We can help you adopt the most advantageous strategies to avoid unreasonable risks while maximizing the value of your investments.

Our small multifaceted team can assist you with any transaction, regardless of its magnitude or complexity. We can deliver the expertise you need to execute important real estate deals efficiently and at a competitive cost while ensuring services tailored to your specific needs. CDA specialises in:

§  Acquisitions and sales: financial, legal and regulatory advice

§  Leasing: negotiations and preparation of leases

§  Partnership agreements and tax strategies

§  Project development and new construction

§  Property management: maintenance, rent adjustments and common area costs


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Consulting – Organizational Planning and Strategy

At CDA, we appreciate that every business is unique and faces distinct challenges. We can help your company clearly define its own objectives, map a properly adapted strategy and implement organizational planning. We can help you put in place a down-to-earth plan that not only accounts for pressing existing needs but provides a framework for the future.

CDA can develop a business model which will provide you with a roadmap to measure corporate performance and help you in securing financing and customers. We can assist your business in its new ventures, to plan successfully in difficult markets or improve performance.

Innumerable laws and regulations deal with various issues as diverse as taxation to zoning laws. At CDA, we have worked in government and understand how Quebec and Ottawa operate. Our consultants can devise strategies for your business to chart the best course possible in a highly regulated environment.

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Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

No longer an option for most businesses. 

At CDA we have the necessary skills to help you negotiate the best settlement possible quickly and inexpensively.

A business at one time or another can also face tragedy. A fire, a natural disaster or a public relations scandal can unexpectedly threaten the foundations of any enterprise. 

At CDA we have the experience and the know-how to step in and manage such crises. We can help you deal with insurance adjustors, repair or rebuild your premises, maintain customer loyalty, and simply put your company back on track in the shortest time possible.